Jiri Zeiner - Freelance Lighting Cameraman, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe.

Czech language cameraman Prague
Cameraman Prague Czechia

Television Cameraman for hire equipped with professional XDCAM HD camera

HD Broadcast standard. Frame rates for PAL and NTSC countries.
XDCAM Drive or SXS media.
TV camera crew Prague XDCAM HD
Cinematographers test image

Cinematographer and crew equipped with 4K cine Camera

Highest quality of picture for cinema production and adveristisment.
Arri Alexa, Sony F55, Sony F5 …
XDCAM camera crew

Videographer equipped with 4K camera

Suitable for corporate video with cinematic look. Interviews with shallow depth of field. Making of. Music video.
Cine style camera crew 4K
Cinematographers test image

Camera Operator equipped with HD camera

Corporate video, Events and conferences, Interviews …
XDCAM camera crew
Cinematographers test image
Cinematographers test image
Selected clients:
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